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With just $100 and an old Green Ford Truck, Pooper Trooper was launched in 2003.  Since then Bill and Nicki Walters have built a highly recognized, award-winning service and brand in the Dog Waste Management Industry. Their focus has been on customer service and building up a loyal and strong customer base that has now withstood several challenging economic seasons. Their commitment to providing a reliable and superior service through Green practices while using Sanitary Methods have gained them National Recognition and Local Favor.


The Walters have worked diligently to ensure their customers are satisfied with their performance and have excelled in achieving a strong customer base as a result. Pooper Trooper has been on Angie’s List Honor Roll, has earned 2 Super Service Awards being in the top 5% of businesses to achieve customer service reviews on a regular basis and they have consistently held a 5 Star Rating on Yelp.


Pooper Trooper was also recognized as one of Washington’s Top 50 Green Companies by Seattle Business Magazine. They were awarded this honor due to their commitment to Green Practices, Community Outreach via working events to help educate the public on the importance of picking up the poop as well as the fact that picking up is a Green thing to “Doo”.


Being huge animal lovers, Bill and Nicki are hugely inspired to give back to their community by way of donating, volunteering, and fundraising for animal welfare agencies. As a result Pooper Trooper is well known for their efforts and dedication to animals.


The Walters have worked hard and invested highly in protecting the integrity of the brand Pooper Trooper. It is a Federally Registered Trademark and can not be used without their permission. However in the last several years, there has been a lot of interest in the name as well as many inquiries regarding how to start and operate such a business.


Thus Poop University was born. Bill and Nicki Walters wanted to give other entre”poo”neurs and opportunity to start their own dog waste businesses without assuming high initial Franchising costs. At Poop University you will be given the one on one training and tools to operate and be successful with your own business or as a Pooper Trooper Licensee.




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